About Us
LendingSmarts is an online loan marketplace for various borrowing needs including auto loans, consolidation loans, personal loans, home improvement loans, and more.
LendingSmarts empowers the consumer with knowledge and access to make an informed intelligent choice in their financial needs.
We also offer comparison shopping services for to increase the consumer’s buying power thru educated financial choices.
Our goal is to provide best-in-class financial services products thru affiliate marketing partnerships.
LendingSmarts operates under the CreditSmarts Corporation brand and support staff. MPISoft.com has been a decade long development partner of CreditSmarts.
LendingSmarts is a cooperative between CreditSmarts Corp and MPISoft.com. The combined entities bring decades of lending expertise and software development to the forefront of the consumer lending experience.
Contact Us
LendingSmarts is supported by the CreditSmarts team of professional account managers.
Email: support@creditsmarts.com
Phone: 1-888-345-0918